IPICA has a deep experience in such areas as: system integration, consulting and sales of video surveillance systems.


Our engineers cooperate with success with several international companies in area of supply of video surveillance equipment and specialized software. Starting from system integration we came to need to concentrate our efforts on main direction – modern network video technologies. In 2010 …


IPICA Mission

To be a reliable partner for world-leading companies and to help them on their way to success. 1. Orientation on customer demands. 2. Usage of one-step-forwared technologies. 3. Effectiveness, efficiency and dynamism.


Our customers

IPICA engineers constantly work with several international companies.


How to contact us?

For all questions please contact us: Ipica Ltd, 2b Kosmonavtov prospekt 141075 Korolev, Russia Email: sales@ipica.net Email: sales@ipica.com Tel./fax: +7 (495) 22O-1O-O5




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